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MySQL Collation; PHP Interfaces; WordPress WP Forms; PHP is killing Python; Keeping your WordPress PHP version up to date...

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This Week’s Picks

✔️ Collation Relation, what’s your Translation?


I wonder if the majority of Developers ever give Collation or character sets a second thought when creating databases and tables. Just use the default right? I'm just as guilty myself of not even thinking about these 2 important settings. Collation never crosses my mind. Speaking of, what is the default collation and character set in MySQL?

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✔️ Create a Client Form for Your WordPress Agency — Using Elementor and a Contact Form Plugin


Any kind of online business needs a contact form to allow potential customers to engage you through your site. This post has a nice demo with clear screenshots on how to make one using Elementor and WP Forms. I have some familiarity with both plugins (although I'm no expert). I can however speak from experience and say that WP Forms is quite easy to use and I'm experimenting with it on a rebuild of my own site.

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✔️ Using Interfaces to Write Better PHP Code


I really needed to read this post. I knew I needed it because deep down, I'm a lost, budding padawan developer when it comes to PHP Interfaces. Although I don't fully 100% understand them (yet), thanks to this post, I'm on the right track.

There are easy-to-understand examples in this post with great code snippets to solidify concepts. The explanations of key concepts are clear and concise (personally, this alone helped me the most).

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✔️ PHP Is Killing Python


I’m not near enough of an expert (yet) to really weigh in on some of the more interesting points in this article. But, I can definitely tell when someone is passionate about something and doesn’t mind sharing it either.

Be careful opening this one. Your screen might crack lol. 😆

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✔️ A Guide to Updating Your PHP Version in WordPress


Solid post here on an important topic that a lot of people forget (yours truly included). Nice screenshots and instructions on how to check the current PHP version of your WordPress install in the Admin panel, along with using CPanel to upgrade.

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