Issue #2

PHP Abstract Classes; WordPress SQL Injection; WordPress Database Errors; PHP String Functions; Why Devs Hate WordPress

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🔎 Question for the community

I’m currently working on a redesign of my WordPress site, Digital Owl's Prose, using DevKinsta as my local development environment. My site is hosted on and I originally set up my site to display blog posts on the homepage.

So my blog URL currently looks like this:

As part of the redesign, I’m making a dedicated Blog page for my posts so the URL's will be:

I have almost 4 years (50 posts/year) worth of posts that the URLs will have to change to once I migrate my new design over.

What is the best way to accomplish this without a hit to SEO or making all my blog posts “broken links”?

I’ll also have to set up 301 redirects to point to the new blog posts URL links so any tips on that will help as well.

Thank ya much 🙏

This Week’s Picks

✔️ Interfaces vs Abstract Classes in PHP


I need to think more about Abstract Classes when programming in PHP. I just honestly don't. And I know it is because I'm still learning about them and how best to use them.

Thanks to this fantastic write-up, I am starting to understand them a lot better...

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✔️ SQL Injection: A Beginner’s Guide for WordPress Users

#wordpress #php #mysql

In my opinion, Kinsta publishes some of the best help and information articles and blog posts. Especially in the WordPress space. Which makes sense since they are one of the premium managed WordPress hosting providers. 

As expected, Kinsta provides a highly-detailed blog post here with explanations of:

  • What SQL Injection is

  • The different types of SQL Injection

  • How to mitigate the risk of SQL Injection

  • WordPress-specific measures to keep your site safe from SQL Injection

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✔️ How to Fix “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

#wordpress #mysql #php

I've faced this error myself. On one of (and only at the time of writing) my freelance projects, the client site went down and was displaying the dreaded "Error Establishing a Database Connection".

I ultimately got lucky and was able to just repair the MySQL database using visual tools provided by the hosting provider and all was well (lucky me!).

This article has 5 different suggestions you can try if you need to tackle this specific problem with clear explanations for each.

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✔️ How to Manipulate Text in PHP With These 9 Functions


In web development, we are always processing text data in some shape or form. Be it working with submitted form data or parsing strings. Thank goodness there are PHP string functions to help with this task.

This post covers 9 useful and common PHP string functions you'll likely want to use when processing text data. Each has a clear and understandable example.

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✔️ Why Developers Hate WordPress

#wordpress #php

This one hits home with me like no related article has that I've read of late. I want to one day become a freelance Developer myself. With an evolving base in MySQL and PHP (with CodeIgniter), and managing my own WordPress site, it only makes sense to keep WordPress development as an option.

But I also realize there are essentially 2 types of WordPress developers: Page Builder/Plugin Assembler, and WordPress core PHP developers.

Currently,  I consider myself more of a Page Builder/Plugin Assembler as I’ve not (yet) doubled down and learned WordPress-specific PHP.

This blog post covers some great points on both fronts and addresses some of the common complaints about them as well.

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